Type : Dump Barge
Depth : 24 Meters
Night Dive : Yes
Date Sunk : 1985
Dimensions: Length: 48M. Beam:14M. DRAUGHT:5M.
Detail : The wreck Capsized of Bad Wather in Port Khalied on 1982,Towed to her present location and sunk you can easily swim Throw the arge holes and Doors.
Marine Life : Four eyes Batfish and other large Fish.
Type : Break Water Rocks
Depth : 12 Meters
Night Dive : Yes
Detail : Burj Al Arab Hotel Constructs Triangle Rocks,Thrown in the position to grow the Marine Life and made Artificial Reef,and it's best Site For Night Dive
Marine Life : Snappers,jacks,Batfish,and other Reef FIsh.
Type : Drilling Rig Tender Barge 
Depth : 21 Meters
Night Dive : Yes
Date Sunk : 1973
Cargo : Drilling Equipment
Dimensions: Length: 260FT. Beam: 48FT. Draught:10FT.
Detail : French Ship Capasized following Collision with Drilling Platform During Bad Wether,and Eventually sank,Lying upside down and on ATBD Bulwark,Superstructure Smashed and buried about 2M in sand & Coral,Port Bilge rail 14M Below surface.
Marine Life : Stingray.Soft Coral,shrimps,and Bennies. .
Type : 27 Containers
Depth : 13 Meters
Night Dive : Yes
Cargo : Oil
Detail : Barge Philips 6 Laden with 30 Containers Overturned Barge towed to Port Rashid, but 27 Containers Lost.
Type : Barge
Depth : 13 Meters
Cargo : Bags of Cement.
Dimensions: length: 88FT. Beam:18FT. Draught:8FT.
Detail : Positively identified by diver as of a typical "THAMES"Lighter which was loaded with Bags of cement,1976 confirmed WK still exist,but thought possibly to have "DISPERSED" as No Vessel has Fouled Anchor near this Posn
Type : Genera Cargo Ship
Depth : 30 Meters
Night Dive : Yes
Date Sunk : 2001
Cargo : Fuel Oil
Dimensions : Length: 70M. Beam:12M. Draught: 5M.
Detail : The Ship Line on her Port Side and teh Anchor Still Siting on the Bow. The Cover of the hold are off, and Raft upside Down at the Stern, The Wreck to large and deeper dive sites in the Area.
Marine Life : oyster, juvenile Fish, Rays,Barracuda,Yellow snappers and batfish.
Type : Cargo Ship
Depth : 22 Meters
Date Sunk : 2006
Nationality : Iraq
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