Type : 2 Passenger Liner
Depth : 15 Meters
Night Dive : Yes
Date Sunk : 1961
Cargo : Pipe
Dimensions : Length :122M. Beam:17M. Draught: 15M
Detail : British ship,Caught fire following an Explosion Between Decks.The Fire Was EventuallyExtinguished After 2 days,but the Ship sank while being towed by salvage v ocean salvor.
Marine Life : Oyster,Jacks,Stingrays,Gutter shark,Ray.
Type : M Tanker
Depth : 75 Meters
Night Dive : No
Date Sunk : 1979
Dimensions : Length: 352M. Beam: 56M. Draught:15M.
Detail : Liberia Ship,Caught fire following an Explosion on 1979,While EN-Route Bonaire.towed from shipping route while fire was fought ,but broke in half,after section sank and ford section was toed to Sharjah and later to breakers in Korea,First explosion may have been an act of sabotage.
Marine Life : Coral's Sharks, barracuda, jacks, torpedo Ray.
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